Hello & welcome to Simply Spotless!!

Here it goes my first blog post ever! Hello and welcome to the new little company of mine: Simply Spotless, and also to this new blog!

This first blog post will show you how effective Simply Spotless laundry powder is. For this experiment I took a white cotton shirt, cut it up into pieces and added different common stains such as grease (after making lunch), turmeric, tomato sauce, blueberries, dirt and maple syrup for each of the two laundry powders. After I washed them in two different batches, using 1 tbsp Simply Spotless laundry powder and for the second batch I used one scoop of the Countdown bought laundry powder (followed the directions). Have a look at the results of this experiment below!!

tomato sauce2.jpg
maple syrup.jpg

Most stains did come off, apart from the grease and the tiniest bit of blueberry which had equal stains for both laundry powders, although you can hardly see it. 

As you can see, Simply Spotless laundry powder works just as well as the supermarket one, minus all the unnecessary additives and chemicals!

P.S. some pieces of fabric look slightly different in before and after pictures, that's because I folded some of them due to being too big.

Lots of love,

x Lidia